Is the TOEFL a Valid Test?

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I often have conversations about the validity of the TOEFL test. Many teachers are happy to use it as a simple benchmark to use for judging how well their students are doing or what level they will go to in an IEP program, while others (notably fewer, but significantly more passionate) argue that the TOEFL is more about learning how to take a test than it is about learning English (see my previous posts about cheating and structure). As we’ve discussed before, cheating still...

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Knowji TOEFL

Knowji TOEFL

In the past we covered the Knowji Vocabulary App with great praise. Since then, Knowji has released a slew of customized apps to cover all sorts of vocabulary learners’ needs, and I’m happy to announce that TOEFL is among those. One of the things I love about the app is the wide variety of learning styles it appeals to – and if you don’t like...

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Cheating on TOEFL Speaking

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Every once in a while a student will come to me with a happy smile saying “Teacher, I got an 85 on my TOEFL test!” Many times I am not surprised. My students work hard to improve their TOEFL scores. Sometimes I am shocked. If a student doesn’t know how to use the Simple Past, they should not be getting graduate level scores on...

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What They Don’t Tell You to Study For on the TOEFL


A lot of students spend a huge amount of time reading TOEFL books with sample tests trying to understand the structure of the test. I think that’s a great...

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How to Improve your Speaking Score


Many of my students often ask me about how to improve their speaking score on the TOEFL. There are a lot of great resources out there, and one that...

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TIPPS TOEFL & SAT Vocabulary Prep [App]


TIPPS stands for the Turkish International Prep School (Not totally sure where the extra P comes from), who put together this app for studying vocabulary. While they make the...

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Featured Book

How to Pass the TOEFL iBT Test

How to Pass the TOEFL® iBT Test is a very inexpensive e-book designed to help teachers and students understand the core structure of the...

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